It can be stressful when something terrible happens to us on the road. We can't prevent potential mishaps, but you can rest easy knowing that Malaysia has a reliable car towing service! Get immediate assistance around the clock by clicking a button on the mobile web. We offer car towing service in KL, Klang Valley, Negeri Sembilan (Nilai), and Perak (Ipoh). We will provide you with courteous and professional service. Our average response time is less than 30 minutes, so you can get back on the road and back to your life as soon as possible.


24-hour Service

We offer round-the-clock car towing service in Malaysia. Our technicians will be able to reach you within half an hour.

Reliable Workmanship

MyBateri can develop long-term client relationships by providing superior service and ensuring safe, quality work.

Experienced TEAM

We are an experienced car towing service KL for a diverse range of vehicles and repair and replace car batteries.

car towing service KL


We are experts in vehicle breakdowns. We offer 24-hour car towing service for all breakdowns and are skilled in tyre repair, replacement, and battery-related breakdown causes. In addition, our car towing service in Malaysia assistance ensures complete satisfaction in expertly managing your car breakdown. We will make sure that your vehicle is perfectly safe in the hands of our professionals and ready to hit the road again in no time.


Get in touch with MyBateri for car towing assistance today. We also provide other on-the-road services to safely get you back on the road.

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